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Comics Universe

Young Russian publisher
A young Russian publisher established in 2017 by the true fans of their craft. In three years, we've popularized Russian comics and attracted new readers into the industry. It was achieved because of the product's high quality, different approach towards working with stories and characters, as well as attracting the audience of media people (bloggers and different musicians) to MOLOT HARDCORP comics.

Who are we?
Stylish drawing, black humor, action and topical social issues.
Include free comics
Shirts with prints, crafted figurines
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What makes us unique?
Our own production
We create our comics by ourselves: from ideas and drawings to layout and printing
We pick the best artists and colourists, whose style will completely immerse you into the story's atmosphere
From a light action story full of references to detective thrillers and depressive stories on topical social issues
We create unique logos and fonts for each project
We use high quality, thick paper and safe, non-toxic paints
Creative limited editions, like VHS-tape style or necronomicon style
We work with audited workshops. Nice cut without loose threads and prints that last more than a year. Figurines are highly detailed and made of quality materials
R 18+
It allows us to create amusing and serious stories without age restriction limitations
MOLOT HARDCORP has two founders - Vlad and Ilya, ex-classmates. Since childhood, we've been growing up on Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse comics and thanks to our efforts, we've got the opportunity to create new worlds. When we established the publisher, we worked hard, spent whole nights on our projects, wrote scripts, drew and painted, tried to make our product as good as possible in order to win the love of readers, to captivate them with interesting and colorful stories. And we managed to accomplish it, despite the very modest budget that we had had at the start of our journey. Now we have a big team of professionals, and we are used to treating our stories with care. And if the character is based on a media persona, we find a unique approach to them, amplifying the most interesting aspects of the prototype, creating a living world around them. All our characters live and interact with each other in a unified comic universe. That is why the craziest crossovers are possible in the future!
  • Vladislav Pogadaev
    Responsible for creative processes
    "When I was a kid, I was always attracted to art: first I drew battles of different orcs with ninjas, then with friends we began to draw comics and clash our imaginary characters with each other (first crossovers!), and during my more mature years I got attracted to heavy music. That was when I created a hardcore band. Being a frontman in "Beatdown Heroes" (the band performed in masks of famous superheroes) I wanted to create my own heroes and my first full-fledged hand-drawn story inspired by early Marvel, DC and Image comics. In the publisher I write scripts and coordinate all comic creation processes: from the idea to submission for printing."
  • Ilya Levin
    Responsible for technical processes
    "I've always had an incline towards exact sciences. I have several degrees and work as a well drilling engineer. I've always dreamed about my own business: I started a few projects, which, unfortunately, didn't succeed. When I heard that Vlad wanted to create his own superheroes, I offered him to start a publisher and provided financial support, putting all my savings into the project. In the publisher, I took responsibility for finances, logistics and legal aspects in parallel with the main work."
«Pasha Technique» and «Pasha Technique. Into the Technique-verse»
The first and the most famous projects of MOLOT HARDCORP.

The main secret of the comic's success is in the fundamental rethinking of the character's image, he became an excellent anti-hero for this story. The comic is famous for its abundance of black humor, action, references to Russian media life, as well as unusual plot twists.

"Pasha Technique. Into the Technique-verse" ridicules parallel dimensions and absurd versions of the main character - the multiverse. Branded black humor, the all-round madness and the acid picture - all this keeps the reader's attention until the last page.
«Kid of Darkness»
The main character is based on the frontman of «Slaughter to Prevail» band (USA) Alexandr Shikolai.

From its first pages, the comic tells that the world the main character lives in is multi-layered and works differently than "Pasha Technique". There's no place for banter or parody. Simple madness and rampant action are not enough. The authors dig deeper, showing either grim, epic battles of the main character with monsters or cute and heartbreaking scenes from his childhood.

The comic has been published in two languages (Russian and English) and is quite popular abroad.
«Dirty Ramirez»
The comic is about a villian, whose prototype is based on the rap artist called Ram or Dirty Ramirez.

The authors chose not to repeat themselves and followed a different path, having decided to experiment with the elements of thriller and detective, linking it together, filling it with gloomy, clearly ambiguous characters, fierce action and aesthetics of 90s Russia.
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We are happy to read the feedback from our customers and readers. It is a powerful motivation that makes each of our products even better!
  • Pasha Technique
    MOLOT COMICS, the comic is a blast!
  • Anton Staroseltsev
    Your comics are fire! You read them in one breath and the drawing is simply mesmerizing, I stay for 5-10 minutes on each page and all this time I just admire the picture.Thanks for the quality.
  • Elsa Brown
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE "BULL CHAIN" COMIC. I read it in one breath, the colors are fantastic and perfectly convey the atmosphere, the plot is very interesting, everything is gorgeous, aaaaaah!) Please, thank the authors!
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